The simple way to find more time in your day

We all lead very busy lives and we can often feel like we have no time to do anything outside of the daily grind.

Do you want a simple way to change the way you think about planning your day?

Consider this: there are 24 hours in a day and each day can be easily broken down into 3 x 8 hour blocks. You spend (on average) a recommended 8 hours sleeping a day. You are likely to be spending 8 hours a day working, but what are you doing with the other 8 hours of the day?

Maybe it’s time to change your perspective…

Think about how you are currently spending those extra 8 hours in a day:

  • Travelling to work?
  • Eating?
  • Drinking?
  • Getting dressed?
  • Watching TV?

And now think about how you would like to be spending the 8 hours…

“OK” we hear you say… but I still have to travel to and from work, eat breakfast, eat dinner, get showered and dressed… So let’s take these out and see how much time you now have:

  • Shower and get dressed/put make up on – 45 minutes
  • Travel to and from work – 2 hours
  • Eat breakfast – 30 minutes
  • Prepare and eat dinner – 45 minutes

You now have 4 hours left. How are you going to spend them? Think about what matters to you:

  • Unwind time – this is important after a busy day at work and you shouldn’t neglect your wellbeing. Take time to release the day’s stresses in whatever way works for you best – watching TV, reading a book, having a bath,
  • Spending time with the people that are special to you
  • Fitness
  • Pursuing that hobby that you’ve always meant to take up

Don’t make things harder – be smarter!