A lazy girl’s guide to fitness…


Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

So you wanna add some fitness into your routine but not one of those people who relishes the thought of actually going to the gym?

Fitness is everywhere  – apps, “free” gym trials, photos of impossibly toned specimens and hey here at GTTG we are all about what makes you glow and exercise is a big part of that so we totally support it! But…we are also realistic – there are lots of us who can’t summon up enough enthusiasm to actually make it to a gym class. Or can’t afford to pay a hefty monthly fee. Or are too tired after a busy day’s work to summon up the energy to workout. Or quite frankly would just like to go home and watch Netflix. Or value that extra half hour’s sleep in the morning above exercising. Or simply don’t have the time in the day to fit in a fitness regime.

Whatever your reasoning, we get it and there’s no judgement here! But being “glow getters”, we also do have to preach the benefits of doing some exercise to help you get to the glow!

So, we have the solutions for you!

Our tips are guaranteed:

  • not to make you have to get up any earlier
  • not to get you home any later after work in the evenings
  • spend any extra money

Here are our top 5 tips – go get that glow girl!

  • Download a step counting app and make doing 10,000 steps a day your focus – trust us, it’s surprisingly easy to get to – just walking around your home gives you a fair few to get you going! Walking around the shops at lunchtime is another great one – you’d be surprised at the step count you rack up! Shopping giving you a cardio workout – just one more reason to do it! 😉  Our favourite free apps are:
    • Steps Pedometer & Step Counter Activity Tracker
    • Pedometer++
  • Get off your bus one stop early and add some extra steps to your day
  • Do some squats while you’re watching TV – squats are great for your legs and they’re easy to do. Aim for 3 sets for 20 (you can even fit them in in an ad break!)
  • Put on a great song and dance it out! Our fave 3 throwback songs currently are:
    • Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back
    • Spice Girls – Wannabe
    • Destiny’s Child – Survivor
  • Download an app with some basic workouts that you can do at home and won’t take you long – be a bit quicker with your morning make up and you can easily fit these into your routine without getting up earlier! Our favourite “lazy girl” apps are:
    • J&J Official 7 Minute Workout
    • 7M Workout

You’ll be getting to your glow in no time!