Help – I don’t have any hobbies!


You get asked it all the time: “So, what are your hobbies?” But what if you genuinely don’t have any? Well, think again…

On the surface of it, we get it – you may not be a budding photographer, a writer, a make up artist in your spare time, play on a sports team etc. but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any hobbies! OK, so when someone asks you what you like doing outside of work, you may initially not be able to think beyond going out with friends/going to the gym/drinking, but how about the question gets posed to you in a different way – what is it that interests you?

Imagine you’re on a quiz show – what is your specialist subject going to be? Is it everything to do with the TV show Neighbours since 1980 (and hey that’s ok!) Is it that you love talking about the latest in hair and beauty trends? Is it a sports team that you’re an avid fan of – or a music group or singer?

Or how about thinking of it in this way – is you had a completely free weekend (no commitments) and you could spend it any way you wanted, how would you spend it? You might reply “doing nothing but watching TV” – so what shows would you watch? You might do some baking – is that something you really enjoy?

It’s often hard when someone puts you on the spot and you feel like you don’t have anything interesting to say but how about the next time someone asks, talk about what really interests you, even if you don’t immediately class it as a hobby. If you’re addicted to a new TV show – share it! Say “to be honest, in my spare time at the moment I’m really enjoying watching xxx” – you might be surprised and find a common interests with someone! And don’t forget – people often use this question as an ice breaker, to try and start a conversation, so be confident in your response – if anyone judges you for any interests you have then clearly they’re not someone you want to spend your time with!

But hey why not also broaden your horizons today and take up a new interest? Go on, it’s challenge! You never know who you might meet and where it might take you!

Photo by on Unsplash