Had a bad day at work?

Don’t let it get you down…
  • Get some air

The best way to deal with a difficult situation at work is to take some time out – go for a walk round the block, sit in the park for a bit, have a wander round the shops – get some fresh air into your lungs and collate your thoughts and we guarantee you will feel at least a bit better!

  • Talk it out 

Talking through any problems, work or otherwise will help – so grab your work wife/husband/girlfriend, boyfriend, family, trusted colleague and vent your frustrations! If nothing else, having a good chat with someone you know you can trust will stop you unleashing your anger on someone you shouldn’t!

  • Distractions

When you get home from work – watch trashy TV, read a book, listen to music – try classic “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter, have a nice soak in a bath with candles – get distracted and unwind your mind before you go to bed.

  • “Leave work” when you leave work 

By this we mean – don’t take work home with you. It’s good to talk things out but don’t let a bad day at work ruin your evening or week – take a few deep breaths, distract yourself and brush it off – tomorrow is a new day!


And hey if all else fails, there’s always wine right! 😉

Photo by Mitchel Lensink on Unsplash