It’s Cool to be Kind

These days it seems like there’s too much rudeness in the world – road rage, train rage, bus rage, work raging – some days it can seem as though it’s all around! It’s an easy thing to get involved in – you’ve had a stressful day and that little thing like someone taking a seat you were eyeing up on the train, driving just a little too close behind you, using a seat for their bag on the bus – just tips you over the edge. But have you considered what impact getting “ragey” has on someone else?

Think about when you’ve been having a great day and then a small thing like someone being rude has on you – here at GTTG we know it can totally change your mindset for the day. Now think about when you’ve been having a really bad day and someone has shown you a small act of kindness and it’s boosted your mood.

The recent movie “Wonder” has brought the slogan “choose kind” to the fore with actors Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts sporting “Choose Kind” t-shirts to support the movement.

So next time someone is rude to you, instead of being rude back at them, try taking a deep breath and responding with a smile and words of kindness – not only will you throw them off their rant but no doubt they will also feel bad for being so rude! And if not, well hey, you tried and at least you’ve taken the higher ground!

We’re choosing kind.