Three easy changes you can incorporate into your diet to make a difference

So here at GTTG we can’t claim to be 100% on the healthy diet bandwagon. We try but with a busy lifestyle and too many temptations around, we admit, we often give in to the things that aren’t great for us.

Having said this, we like to try to at least incorporate a few things into our daily diet to make sure we’re not going too far adrift!

Here are three key things we learnt from a Nutritionist that are easy to do but still make an impact:

1 – Eat more for breakfast – we like this one! You have no doubt heard it before but breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day and sets your body up to perform at its best throughout the day. There can be the temptation not to eat much at breakfast or in fact skip this meal altogether when you’re dieting, but you need to be giving your body energy at the start of the day so eat up! Just to be clear though, this isn’t giving you licence to eat everything in sight! As a guide, a great start to the day could be 2 boiled eggs or 2 pieces of wholemeal toast (with nuts and seeds) and a small portion (1/3) avocado.

2 – Be like Popeye and eat plenty of spinach… but combine it with tomatoes to maximise your nutrient intake. The vitamin C in tomatoes helps your body to absorb the iron in the spinach which is great for helping to reduce fatigue.

3 – Your portion of meat/fish in the evenings should be the size of the palm of your hand. Good news if you’re a meat fan – you can still eat plenty of it but don’t go overboard! Combine with dark, leafy greens for additional health benefits.