What we’re reading this month

This month we’re reading:

“A Question of Trust” (Penny Vincenzi)


Tom Knelston is married to Alice (a former nurse) – they both share the same ideals and seem to be perfect for each other, until Tom unexpectedly bumps into an old childhood acquaintance (Dina Southcott) and they embark on an affair. Diana is, in many ways, the epitome of what Tom doesn’t not like, but she offers irresistible temptation. When a child becomes ill, difficult decisions have to be made…

“Anatomy of a Scandal” (Sarah Vaughan)


Featuring three key characters (Sophie whose husband James is accused of a crime), James (public figure pleading his innocence) and Katie (the barrister prosecuting the case), this is a courtroom drama told from their different perspectives – is James the victim of a misunderstanding or is he guilty of the crime?

“Surprise Me” (Sophie Kinsella)


Sylvie and Dan have been together for ten years and have a happy marriage. They are renewing their health insurance and so both need to go for a medical where they discover that they are likely to have another sixty-eight years together. They panic and decide to create “Project Surprise” in order to try and keep their relationship fun and feeling fresh – mishaps occur and they discover things about each other they didn’t know before…

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