Three things that could be impacting your relationship (and how to handle them)

You’ve been in a relationship with your significant other for a while now – you’re well past the honeymoon phase and have settled into normal, day to day life. Whilst it’s important to be yourself in a relationship, consider how these three things could be subconsciously impacting your relationship and how not to let them get on top of you:

  • Stress – nowadays we lead busy lives – there is a lot going on all the time and a lot of different factors pulling on your time – family, friends, work, fitness, health, fun, relaxation, travel – it’s easy for these every day stresses to impact how you treat the person closest to you. The solution? Share your concerns and what’s bothering you with your partner but don’t let that be the only thing you talk about. If you’re having a busy time at work, allocate time one evening or at the weekend where you can plan something fun together.
  • Money – money can cause a lot of arguments in relationships – maybe you earn more than your partner, maybe they are a big spender and you’re a big saver, maybe you disagree on what your money goals are. The solution? Talk it out. Why not have a joint account for rent/mortgage/bills and food and one that you both put an agreed amount into each month for but keep separate accounts for everything else? Agree on a budget (check out our downloadable spreadsheet!) and decide together on what you want to save for together versus what are important goals for you individually.
  • Trust – trust is a big one in relationships. In fact, it may be the most important thing in your relationship. It can be hard though to fully trust your partner if you have been burnt before. The solution? Be honest with your partner if you have trust issues and if anything has impacted you from a previous experience. Remember that your partner isn’t your ex and try not to project your previous fears and insecurities on them unnecessarily. Has your partner done anything to show they can’t be trusted? Give someone your trust unless they do something to show they don’t deserve it.