How to get your best night’s sleep

Struggling to sleep? Check our our suggestions below for how to get your best night’s sleep:

  • Avoid technology – yes we know how much fun scrolling on your phone is, watching TV etc but it’s actually making it harder for your brain to switch off and settle into peaceful slumber, so it’s best to avoid technology for at least half an hour before bed and switch your phone to “night mode” when you go to bed.
  • Destress and wind down – if you’ve had a busy day then it’s gong to be hard for you to go straight to sleep – make sure you take some time to unwind before you go to bed – take a shower or a bath, read a book, have a chat, listen to some music – do whatever it is that relaxes you.
  • Avoid caffeine and big meals – okay so this one may sound obvious but if you have caffeine too near bedtime you are going to be kept awake so think about whether that late afternoon coffee is a good idea! Going to bed on a very full stomach is also not pleasant and won’t help you sleep – you need to give your body time to digest your food and eating your biggest meal of the day earlier is a better option.
  • Talk through anything that’s worrying you – we don’t know about you, but there are times we wake up in the middle of the night in a big panic about something that has been bothering us during the day – it could be work, it could be personal but if it has been on your mind it could well keep you up at night. So, before you go to bed talk through anything that has been playing on your mind and is worrying you with a partner, friend, family. If you speak about the issue, work out a solution to a problem, resolve an argument, you will feel better when you go to bed. Also remember that things often seem a lot worse in the middle of the night than in the morning!
  • Understand how much sleep you need – everyone is different and while “8 hours” gets touted around as being the optimum amount of sleep you need, this may not be true for you – you may need 9 hours to feel great or you may feel good on just 6. The key thing is to work out what your body needs and then plan your routine around it.
  • Stick to a routine – keeping the times you go to bed and wake up more or less consistent throughout the week (including the weekend) will help your body! Sorry, that means that those long weekend lie-ins may not be the best idea…
  • Have a bedroom you want to spend time in – your bedroom should be a “zen zone” – peaceful and relaxing, calm and quiet. If you’re surrounded by mess then you’re not going to feel at your most relaxed going to bed! Take a couple of minutes to make your bed before you go to work each morning so that it looks inviting when you come home. Why not also treat yourself to a new set of bedsheets or a couple of inexpensive things to brighten up your room?

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