I’ll just go for one…

It’s Friday – we made it! Now’s the time to celebrate!

You know when your friend/colleague asks you to go for a drink on a Friday after work? You’re not really in the mood, it’s been a long week you’re tired, were looking forward to having a quiet night in watching a movie and eating takeaway, but there’s that little part of you that is a bit tempted? We say go with it!

Some of the best nights out we’ve had have been spontaneous, when we have been feeling a bit blah and weren’t planning on having a night out. You know how it goes, you intend to then just “go for one” after work and then before you know it, it’s 2am and you’re dancing on the tables! Well, why not?! You only live once so embrace it, have fun, be social and live your life! Chances are you’ll have a great time!