A few of our fave celeb cookbooks

These days it seems like if you’re remotely famous, you turn your hand to anything – fitness DVDs, make up, health advice, reality TV and cooking is no exception. There are A LOT of “celebrity” cookbooks out there and some of them aren’t worth shelling out money for. There are a few, however, which we have tried and tested and are actually pretty good! Here are three of our faves from past years…

Gwyneth Paltrow – “Notes From My Kitchen Table”

This is Gwyneth Paltrow’s first cookbook (she has also released “My Father’s Daughter” and “It’s All Easy). Released in 2011, it is filled with “comforting family favourites”. Being Gwyneth, you can expect to find some healthy dishes in here but we like that most of the recipes are pretty straightforward to make with ingredients we have heard of (always a good start!) and sound appealing. Some of our favourites include the “grilled tuna & gruyere sandwiches” (p. 108), “turkey bolognese” (p. 133) and “duck ragu” (p. 138), but the “macaroni cheese (a few ways)” (p. 141) has to be our favourite!

Eva Longoria – Eva’s Kitchen

At GTTG we love Mexican food and we were pleasantly surprised by this cookbook from Eva Longoria. This book includes 100 recipes highlighting the “essentials of great Mexican cooking – Texan style”. Pretty much every page makes our mouth water, but if we had to pick three of our favourite recipes, we’d highlight the goat cheese balls (p.33), the “bbq chicken pizza” (p. 91) – we just love pizza – and the “enchiladas rojas” (p. 94).

Lisa Faulkner – Recipes From My Mother For My Daughter

As the winner of 2010 Celebrity Masterchef, you would expect that Lisa is a pretty good cook and the recipes in this book don’t disappoint. The book is divided into recipes by season – while some of them we will admit are above our limited cooking ability level, there are still plenty which are achievable without too much effort in the kitchen. Our favourites from each season section are: Spring – “Rice Krispie chicken” (p. 36), Summer – “Scones & really quick raspberry jam” (p. 127), Autumn – “Victoria’s lasagne” (p. 165), Winter – “Goat’s cheese & red onion tart with thyme pastry” (p. 201).