Monday me does not like Friday me!

It’s easy on a Friday to relax a bit at work and put things off until the next week (we’ve done it a lot) and that’s all well and good when you’re approaching the weekend, in a good mood, feeling happy, but it does not feel good on a Monday morning when you’re at the start of the week and go into the office faced with a very long to do list!

Mondays are harder than Fridays – you’ve got the whole week ahead and are counting the days until the next weekend. So, don’t make it harder for yourself! The next time that Friday you is feeling a bit too relaxed and you find yourself slipping into weekend mode a little too early, resist the temptation and stay focussed just a bit longer! With a bit of an extra push on a Friday to cross those last few things off the to do list, you will feel much better going into Monday!