Nail your next work presentation

We don’t know about you, but getting asked to do a presentation in front of a group of people fills us with nerves (nearly as much as the dreaded work “role plays”!) and it’s one of those things that a lot of people struggle with. Even if you have done lots of presentations in your career, chances are that you still get nervous.

Here are our tips for nailing your next work presentation:

  • Get familiar with your content – read it and re-read it and make sure you feel comfortable and confident with what is in your presentation so that you won’t have to stare down at it too much when you are actually presenting
  • Practice in front of a mirror – yes, you may feel stupid, but trust us, it’s a good way to practice in a safe space!
  • Video yourself delivering the presentation and look out for your tells – everyone has little habits that they do subconsciously while they’re presenting. It could be that you say “um” all the time, fiddle with a pen, use overly expressive hand gestures. Whatever it is, you need to know about it so that you can be conscious of it while you’re presenting. You need to look natural, but if, for example, you know you use a lot of hand movements, maybe get a
  • Feign confidence – when you go to present, take a deep breath, look calmly around the room and then begin – if you don’t feel confident, you need to fake that you do!
  • Timing – it’s likely when you are presenting that you have been given a set timeslot to work to and so it’s really important that you time yourself when you’re practising so that you know if you need to slow down, speed up, cut bits out etc.
  • Eye contact – when you are presenting, make sure you look around the room and establish eye contact with different people – it helps show your confidence and get people engaged in what you’re saying.
  • If something goes wrong – don’t panic! The best thing you can if something doesn’t quite go according to plan is laugh it off. If there are technical difficulties, you trip, the lights go off, whatever it is, smile, make a joke and laugh it off – the audience will admire you for it!