Bad date? Here are three ways to get out of it and make a swift exit!

We’ve all been on bad dates – your date turns out to be very different from what you expected, conversation isn’t flowing and you’re just not feeling it (or worse and they are rude/weird/bunny boiler) and we don’t know about you but it can be hard to cut the date short in that situation – we’ve been on many a bad date where we’ve sat through it until the end when we can finally head home!

Here are three ways you can get out of a bad date:

  • The polite one (if they are a nice person but just not right for you) – politely say, “it’s been really nice meeting you and you seem like a great person, but I would like to be honest with you that unfortunately I just don’t think we have a romantic spark”
  • The “my dog ate my homework one” (if you feel too awkward being upfront and saying you’re not feeling it) – i.e. we all know it’s a lie but the message gets across – get a friend to call you with a fake emergency!
  • The “dodge a bullet” one (if they are rude, unpleasant, difficult, weird) – go to the bathroom and climb out of the window!

Good luck!