Suits Season 7 Finale – what we thought…

So obviously if you haven’t yet seen the Suits season finale (aka the last one with Meghan Markle in it!) then don’t read on!

Here at GTTG, we’re big fans of Suits, but some seasons have been better than others for us (the first one was definitely our favourite!). When we heard both Rachel and Mike (Megan Markle and Patrick J. Adams) were leaving we were a little nervous for the future of the show, but season 7 has set it up well (that Darvey kiss!!) and we know that Katherine Heigl is joining the cast, so we think it has potential.

But back to the season 7 finale… Well overall we thought it was enjoyable. While it was disappointing that Harvey ended up having to help Jessica in Chicago (yes, we know the spin off is coming!) and so wasn’t able to spar with Mike in the usual way for much of it, the wedding set up of Mike and Rachel alongside the storyline of them changing jobs and moving didn’t feel as rushed as we were fearing and there was a pretty good build up to it. Plus the wedding itself was beautiful (and not overboard on the cheese factor!) and we love a happy ending!

Here’s to season 8 (out in July – check out a trailer below) – don’t disappoint us Suits!!