Get set on a Sunday…

In one of our previous blogs: Do you suffer from Sunday night syndrome? we talked about Sunday evenings and that “Sunday night feeling”. Here, we give our top tips to “get you set” on a Sunday ready for the week ahead:

  • Meal prep – OK, so you may not be ready to launch fully into the whole “meal prep phenomenon” (we’re not there yet either!) as in you spend your Sunday cooking everything for the whole week ahead and put your meals for Monday to Friday neatly in tupperware containers (kudos to you if you do!), but we do suggest that you do your grocery shopping on a Sunday and at least get your food ready for Monday.
  • Clothes – laundry, ironing – chores that aren’t exactly our favourite activities but if you do your laundry on a Sunday and iron your clothes that you’ll need for the week (we’d also recommend identifying what you’re going to wear each day in advance), you’ll save time during the week.
  • Cleaning – cleaning is up there with laundry and ironing for us – not a favourite chore but has to be done! If you don’t have a cleaner then we’d recommend you take a bit of time on a Sunday morning to blast through your cleaning – listen to some pumping music while you do it!
  • Give yourself a little pampering – walking into work on a Monday with that little extra boost feeling like you’re looking good can make a difference to how you feel about the day – so put on that face mask, treat your hair to a special conditioner, do your nails, get a blow dry, have a bath, put your fake tan on – whatever it is that works for you!

Take no more than 2 hours of your Sunday (ideally first thing in the morning) to get these things done and you’ll still have plenty of the day left to enjoy and will feel more organised and ready for the week ahead!