Three low maintenance plants to try out on your balcony!

We don’t know about you but at GTTG we love flowers and plants but we’re not very good at looking after them! We forget to water them, aren’t really sure about the whole pruning thing and don’t really know anything about the seasons for different flowers.

However we have found 3 low maintenance plants which look good and don’t require much attention!

Cordyline – a shrub with dark leaves with a splash of colour, this plant can be grown either indoors and outdoors, in full sun or part shade and just needs to be kept moist with a bit of fertiliser every so often.

Camellia Sasanqua Paradise Rebecca – a tall, flowering plant which grows up to 3-4 metres and works in either sun or shade. It produces lots of flowers and doesn’t need much pruning!

Bromeliads – like to be in the shade or indoors – apparently they are attractive to frogs so watch out for that! Slightly unusual looking but they definitely offer something colourful and different!