How to handle a job rejection in the right way

You’ve been through the interviews, thought they went well, maybe you even got to the final round. You think everything is going well, the feedback has been positive and you’re sure you’re going to get offered the job. But then comes the call that you have been unsuccessful – you may be confused, surprised, annoyed but how you respond to the rejection is important – check our our top three tips below:

  • Remain polite and professional – this is the number one most important thing! If you start being rude or difficult then the company you have been interviewing with are going to think they’ve had a lucky escape and you can kiss any chances of working there in the future goodbye!
  • Enquire as to feedback but accept that it’s a no – politely enquiring as to why you have been unsuccessful is completely appropriate – a good way to approach this is to say that you are keen to improve your interview performance moving forward and so would welcome any feedback.
  • Following up in the right way is ok – it is a good idea to send a follow up email to the person who gave you the feedback and declined you (along the lines of “thank you for speaking with me and letting me know the decision. While I’m disappointed, I really enjoyed meeting with xyz and would welcome the opportunity in the future to be considered again for any other appropriate opportunities“). However, it isn’t a good idea to start contacting the interviewers and asking for more feedback, a second chance etc. This again is not portraying yourself in the best light and making yourself look a bit desperate and also like a difficult person to deal with.

Handle your “no” with style and grace and you never know, you could get contacted again in the future for another opportunity!