The seven products we always take in our flight bag…

Nivea cream – one of our all-time favourite creams – we always take a small pot of this on our flights – it’s great as a super moisturising hand cream and face cream.

Anti bacterial hand gel – a must for whenever you’re travelling (those airplane bathrooms carry a lot of germs and it’s also great to use to wipe down your arm rests and tray table)

Perfume – taking a small bottle of perfume onboard with you means you are able to quickly freshen up so that you disembark the plane smelling nice!

Vaseline – planes dry your skin out – fact, but you may not realise that this includes your nose! In order to keep your nose from drying out (it can cause nosebleeds) try rubbing a small about of vaseline in the inside of your nose before taking off. Vaseline is also a good lip balm!

Tea tree oil – one of our big tips when you fly is to take some tea tree oil with you. If you put a few drops on a tissue every couple of hours and smell it, it helps clear your airways to reduce the chance of you picking up a bug onboard.

Tissues – useful for wiping down your armrests and tray table as above, as well as to use for your tea tree oil.

Face oil/serum – as previously mentioned, flying dries your skin out! Alongside nivea cream, putting a few drops of face oil or serum on your face during the flight really helps keep your skin to stay moisturised.