GTTG book review: The Dinner

Our review rating (out of 5): ♥♥

Plot summary: A thriller centering around a dinner between two brothers and their wives. Talk over the meal turns to their teenage sons and a terrible thing they have done and the lengths the parents will go to in order to save them from the consequences of their actions.

What we liked: We liked the premise, whereby the story is set around a dinner and then you get flashbacks to give you more insight into what has happened. It is an interesting read and you’re not quite sure what’s ultimately going to happen until the very end.

What we didn’t like: It definitely wasn’t what we expected. We know it is supposed to be a thriller but as you read it, you become more and more disturbed by the various actions of each of the characters! We also weren’t sure ultimately what the purpose of the story was and where the story was trying to get to. It’s written in the first person which works to a point, but there are some quirky inclusions in there such as, “I’m not going to say exactly what time it was” where you as the reader aren’t quite sure why the narrator is saying that. Ultimately, we had higher expectations for this book – thrillers can be really engaging and “page turners’ but this one just made us feel a bit unsure!