Five of our favourite…fragrances

  • Beyonce – Heat – we’re not big fans of celebrity perfumes to be honest – often they are a bit gimmicky, but we make an exception for this one! It smells great and is a great one to keep at work for a quick “freshen up” during the day.
  • Ralph by Ralph Lauren– this is a big favourite of ours and a perfume we return to again and again. It has a lovely fruity, fresh scent and is a great scent especially to wear in the summer months or on holiday.
  • Marc Jacobs – Decadence – OK so firstly the bottle is really cool! Designed to look like a handbag, this perfume is worthy to sit on your dressing table and look fabulous! But more than that, it smells delicious!
  • DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom – fruity and fun is how we’d describe this one! A great go to for during the day.
  • Tiffany & Co have branched into perfume and we are fans! The bottle itself is beautifully elegant (we’d expect nothing less from Tiffany’s!) and the perfume smells floral and elegant – a great choice for an evening out.