It’s the Royal Wedding today! With all eyes on the UK this weekend, here are 7 of our favourite things about the British Isles…

  1. The food – fish and chips, pies, roast dinners, strawberries and cream… the food in the UK is delicious!! (although not necessarily good for your waistline!)
  2. Culture – England is the home of Shakespeare and so you would expect the theatre  scene to be good (and it is!), but the UK also features numerous museums and art galleries to enjoy. And then you have J. K. Rowling of course…
  3. History – the British Isles are steeped in history and there are so many historical sites to see – Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, Roman Baths, Hadrian’s Wall, The Tower of London, Shakespeare’s birthplace, Warwick Castle, St Paul’s Cathedral, Fountains Abbey to name but a few!
  4. Small villages… and big cities – in Britain you get some beautiful picturesque little towns and villages but you also have the big cities which offer a huge amount of culture and variety – London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Dublin – the list goes on!
  5. The weather – we can’t say that the weather in the UK is great most of the time but it does give us British folk a great topic of conversation! And on those rare days when you get a glorious summer’s day, you can’t beat the atmosphere!
  6. Sport – England may be the home of football and rugby, but don’t forget about Wimbledon and Ascot! The UK is also big on athletics, swimming, cycling and hockey as well as numerous other sports and sporting events.
  7. The Royal Family – this list wouldn’t be complete without mention of The Royal Family. With the “fab four” of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan, The Royal Family seem to be more popular than ever and who doesn’t love a royal wedding!