Stunning Santorini

Ah Santorini…one of our favourite GTTG destinations! If you’re lucky enough to be planning a visit here good on you! Santorini has some of the most stunning views in the world in our opinion! It features the classic white and blue backdrops that you think of when you picture Greek islands and it doesn’t disappoint in real life. Here are a few of our recommendations for Santorini and what to do on your visit:

  • STAY: our recommendation would be to stay in one of the many Air BnBs in Santorini. A lot of them have stunning views and often include hot tubs! Make sure you read the reviews and check the location before you book!
  • DO: there are lots of things to do in Santorini (and relaxing and enjoying the sights around you should be a number one priority) but one thing you absolutely should include in your visit is a trip out onto the water! Check out these cruises on Trip Advisor.
  • EAT: there are plenty of restaurants in Santorini which offer stunning views over the beautiful blue water – some do come with a hefty price tag though! We would recommend booking in advance before you go to secure a spot at one of the prime tables to check out the spectacular sunsets. One of our favourites is Remvi Restaurant (as an fyi they serve big portions!).