Five suggestions to make some more money!

We’d all like to make more money! Check out five of our suggestions to make some more money asap:

  1. Go through your old clothes, books, furniture and get it on Gumtree or eBay! Remember that one person’s trash can be someone else’s treasure so it’s worth seeing what you have that you don’t wear/use anymore that’s in good condition and could be worth selling.
  2. Do some odd jobs – whether it’s Uber driving, dog walking, babysitting, tutoring, DIY work- there are endless possibilities for doing casual work outside of your day to day work to bring in some extra cash.
  3. Negotiate a pay rise! Not the easiest thing to tackle but definitely worth exploring –  we’ll be doing a blog post on the art of negotiating a pay rise soon!
  4. Get onto Air BnB – are you going on holiday? Why not look into renting out your place on Air BnB while you’re away?
  5. Rent out your car – in the same way that you can rent out your house, you can also now rent out your car – check out Car Next DoorCarhood and Drivemycar to name just a few sites that offer this service.

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