Face Halo – does it actually work?

The answer? Yes and no!

Having tried using these Face Halo make up remover pads (that promise to remove all make up by just wetting the pad) for a few days, our experience was that in terms of removing make up such as foundation, powder etc it actually does a surprisingly effective job. Being dubious, we did use a cleanser on a cotton pad after using this but were pleasantly surprised to see only the tiniest bit of make up that was remaining!

However, the downside is that it seems to be challenging to remove your eye make up using these pads – you just don’t seem to be able to really get into the eye area, given the size of the pads and despite numerous attempts to wipe mascara off, we still needed to use a proper make up remover afterwards to really shift the mascara and eye liner (and it’s not like there was a huge amount of eye make up to remove in the first place!

So, our verdict is that we’re going to persevere and these pads are super useful especially for weekends away/travelling/staying at a friend’s house when you just need a quick and easy solution and can’t really be bothered with your usual routine (although we definitely aren’t advocating not fully taking your make up off!), but we’re not ready to throw away the usual cleanser just yet!