Messed up a job interview? All may not be lost!

We’ve all been there – the job interview you’ve been preparing for doesn’t go according to plan. Maybe you have other things on your mind on the day or your mind completely goes blank during the interview, you’re so nervous you start waffling on or you’re not feeling 100%.  You come out of the interview and you know it hasn’t gone well and you’re kicking yourself.

Well, all may not be lost…the best thing you can do if you haven’t nailed your interview is to be honest about it with the HR representative or recruitment agency that you have been communicating with on the opportunity. Contact them to provide your feedback following the interview and acknowledge that you didn’t perform at your best and explain why. This shouldn’t be you giving excuses, it’s an opportunity for you to be upfront and recognise that you could have performed a lot better. Doing this shows you have self-awareness and takes a bit of confidence.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get a second chance but we have seen a number of instances where it has worked and if an interviewer is trying to decide on whether you should be progressed to the next round of interviews then you being honest in your feedback could make the difference. Worst case scenario, you will have shown yourself to be professional (and human!) and you will put yourself in a better position for future potential opportunities with that company than by trying to pretend the bad interview didn’t happen!