Are you cleaning your make up brushes?

If not, you should be! When you are using make up brushes on a regular basis, don’t forget that they are havens for bacteria! With all the make up build up that collects in them (including those invisible to the eye particles) it is easy for bacteria to spread (we won’t go into detail but trust us, it’s gross!). So, you need to be keeping your brushes clean!

  • Buy a make up cleaning spray and spray your brushes with it after every time you use them (yes, every time!). Spray a few times onto your brushes and then wipe them with a clean, dry cloth (that you also regularly wash!)
  • Wash your brushes in warm soapy water once a week (make it part of your Sunday routine!) – using either washing up liquid or a gentle shampoo works well. Make sure you give them time to air dry and really soak them to get all the make up build up out.