Five of our favourite useful products to buy on a budget!

Nivea cream – this little blue pot is one of our all-time favourite creams! It’s inexpensive but a great moisturiser – use it on your hands, face, body and it will make your skin feel great. We’re never without ours!

Anbesol – if you have a mouth ulcer then this is one of the best treatments for it! Having tried many different ulcer treatments over the years, this is our absolute favourite. Be warned, it does sting when you apply it, but it numbs the ulcer and helps it clear up quickly! Also great for toothaches and gum and denture pain, this little bottle is a wonder!

Sudocrem – pitched as a product to help ease nappy nash, this tub of cream is so much more than that! It’s gentle but thick and is great for putting on skin rashes, spots and blemishes etc and it gently helps ease redness.

Eurax cream – if you get a mosquito bite (or have an itchy rash) then this is the cream for you – this little tube works wonders to help reduce itching.

Mosquito repellant bracelet – these little gems aren’t expensive but they are definitely worth wearing if you’re in an area which is frequented by mosquitos to help repel them.