Make Up Monday!

Today it’s all about little tools/products to help you get your best face of make up!

Chi Chi make up blender – make up blending sponges have been around for a while and are touted as an easy and quick way to get a flawless face of foundation (and they are also more hygienic than using your fingers as long as you wash them regularly). If you haven’t tried one yet, you should! The range by Chi Chi come in 4 different colours, each with a slightly different shape.

Tweezerman tweezers – the queen of tweezers! Tweezerman really do make the best tweezers in the market and once you’ve used these ones, you won’t go back! Our preference are the “recision slant” tweezers but they do come in different styles and lots of different colours and patterns as well! Plus, Tweezerman offer free sharpening!

Napoleon Perdis Wand-er Brow – eyebrow gel – a little product that makes a big difference. If you look at photos of yourself or celebrities with different eyebrow shapes (Liz Hurley is the best example!) you can see how much difference a pair of well defined eyebrows can make to how you look and an eyebrow gel will help with that! We’re currently using this little beauty from Napoleon Perdis.