“You’ve let yourself go a bit…”

These days there is a lot of focus around weight and how people look. With the huge amount of social media out there, you can’t escape pictures of celebrities either looking unbelievably fantastic or where their flaws are highlighted. Likewise with facebook, instagram, all the dating apps out there, no doubt there will be plenty of photos of you out in cyberspace and chances are not all of them will feature you at your most attractive.

Filters that flatter, photo editing apps that can make you look thinner, your teeth whiter, more tanned – you name it, you can pretty much photoshop anything. We all want to look our best, especially in photos and like it or not, we all pore over photos not only of ourselves, but of others as well.

Here at GTTG, we are all about positivity and celebrating who you are both inside and out. None of us are perfect and all of us have things that we don’t like about ourselves. But, remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Even if you have put on a little weight, embrace that extra wobble! Surround yourself with people that give you positive vibes and make you feel good about yourself and don’t listen to those that may say “you’ve let yourself go” or “you’re not looking your best” – live your own life in the way you choose – be healthy, do things that you enjoy, treat yourself and love who you are!!