Five of our favourite… exercises you can do with no equipment

These days there are exercise guides everywhere! It can be overwhelming looking at them all and you can also end up spending a fortune on exercise equipment and clothing (and let’s be honest, unless you’re a real gym bunny, it can often sit there unused gathering dust!).

So we say, why not get back to basics and do reps of the below exercises 3 times a week to get your heart rate up and start toning!

  • Squats – you can do them anywhere (we like doing them while watching TV!) and they’re great for your legs and bum. Just be careful that you are adopting a good technique with your back straight, knees in line with your feet and get nice and low!
  • Press ups – a great exercise for your arms in particular but not always easy to get the right technique – check out this guide for how to do them properly:
  • Bicycle sit ups – we don’t know about you but we actually find regular sit ups quite hard to do – the whole what to do with your neck thing to avoid it hurting whilst trying not to lift your whole legs off the floor is all too difficult! Maybe we just have really weak stomach muscles lol! However, we do quite like this alternative that is great for your abs. Here’s a guide on how to do them:
  • Lunges – also great for your legs and bum, keep your upper body straight (including your head) and step forward with one leg at a 90 degree angle (making sure your front knee is above your ankle and your other knee isn’t touching the floor) and then push back up.
  • The plank – take your position as if you are doing a push up but have your forearms on the floor (make sure they are shoulder width apart) and you should be on your toes. The key with the plank is to not go too high with your body – you are aiming for your body to be straight.

To start out, aim for 15 reps of each exercise (and 30 seconds for the plank) and repeat 3 times. Build it up by increasing to 20 reps and 60 second planks.