Three tips for sticking to your healthy eating plan (when no one else is!

We all know what it’s like – you start off the week with the best intentions for eating well and then it all goes downhill by day 2 – someone brings in treats at work/you’ve had a bad day/you go out for drinks or dinner etc. But, there are a few things you can do to help you stick to your healthy eating plan without ruining your fun!

  • Make your own healthy treats – with just a little effort and planning you can make your own healthy treats (e.g. protein balls) – check out these recipe ideas to give you some inspiration: If you take your own treats into work with you then it’ll be easier to resist the office ones!
  • If you’re going out for dinner, check out the restaurant menu in advance and plan what you’re going to eat before you go. Don’t be afraid to ask to substitute something in the dish (e.g. chips) for salad or vegetables.
  • Avoid the wine! At 130 – 200 calories a glass, wine isn’t your friend when you’re on a healthy eating plan. If you’d still like to drink alcohol when you go out then a better option is vodka and soda water which is under a 100 calories per glass.