Four ways to work from home effectively

Flexible working and working from home is a big trend in office life. More and more big corporates are focusing on their flexible working strategy as a means to “get the edge” in the fight for top talent and it’s increasingly becoming a key question candidates ask in interviews. Working from home can seem like a dream – you can sit in your pyjamas,

  • Be strict with your schedule – when you’re working from home it doesn’t mean that you should feel the need to work extra long hours (more than you would normally in the office) but equally you shouldn’t slack off and take the mickey! Make sure you set a schedule for yourself for the day you are working from home – be strict with yourself about when you will be working vs having breaks and stick to them! When you’re in your working periods, make sure you’re focused on your work and not letting anything else distract you and equally, when you’re on a break then use that time to do your washing, cooking, cleaning, relaxing – don’t mix the two!
  • Devote a separate space to your working environment – if you are lucky enough to have a separate study in your home then that should be the place you do your working from home. If not, then you should set up a space at a table where you’re comfortable and can easily do your work but also pack it away when you’re finished for the day.
  • Get on top of your technology – before you work from home, make sure you have tested your technology! Ensure your internet is set up and working correctly (and at a fast enough speed so that you don’t get frustrated) as well as your phone and that you have a laptop or computer that’s easy to use and you know how to log into your work emails and system. Don’t leave it until the morning of the day you’re working at home to try logging in for the first time!
  • Don’t get distracted! As tempting as it is to watch TV, scroll facebook/instagram and basically do anything else than work when your boss’ eyes aren’t on you, resist the temptation! Focus and do your work and make sure your boss and colleagues back in the office don’t think you’re slacking off as it’ll affect your ability to work from home in the future. Be present and focused!