GTTG book review: West Winging It (Pat Cunnane)

Our review rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥

Plot summary: Written by Pat Cunnane, one of the White House staffers during Barack Obama’s time as President of the United States, this book tells of his time working in the White House and includes his interactions with the President.

What we liked: Stories from the White House telling of its day to day workings are always pretty fascinating and we are big fans of Obama so that made it extra interesting topic-wise. The parts that were most entertaining were the little stories about Pat’s interactions with the President e.g. playing golf. It was also interesting reading about Pat’s journey career-wise from when he initially started as an intern and some of the positions which we had no idea existed!

What we didn’t like: While this book had great promise, it didn’t 100% captivate us. There are a lot of different people featured and it was a bit difficult to keep track of exactly who was who and who did what role-wise. Whilst some bits were genuinely really interesting, we did skim read other parts.