Is it time to change your “usual” dating type?

If you feel like you have been in the dating world forever and haven’t found that long-term connection and partnership with someone then have you thought about changing up your “dating type”?

When someone asks you what your type is, chances are that you’ll start with looks – hey, it’s only natural and at the end of the day, you need to feel an attraction to someone in a relationship, but have you really thought about what else is important to you? People often say that the person they have ended up in a long-term relationship is not who they expected and someone completely different from their normal type and yet it works – why is this?

Well, ultimately, as they say, looks can fade and in a partnership you need to think about what values you share and what qualities are important to you – does the person make you laugh? Do you have the same feelings about family, children, marriage? Do you have shared interests with them? Are they the person that you want to share your secrets with? Do they make you feel better after a tough day? Do you trust them? In the end, these are the fundamental things that make you want to be with someone. One question you should ask yourself is: “does this person enhance my life?” because, as with friends, your partner should add to your life, not detract from it.

Why not try giving someone a chance who may not be your usual type when you next go on a date? You may be surprised!