GTTG book review: ‘A Higher Loyalty’

Our review rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥

Plot summary: This book, written by former FBI Director James Comey (who was appointed to the post by President Obama) is a tell-all about some of the “highest stake situations of his career”.

What we liked: James Comey has definitely had a very interesting and dramatic career! Having been a key player in a number of major legal and criminal matters, the subject matter is fascinating. What we particularly liked was his way of telling the story – especially when he starts writing about his time as Director of the FBI. The way he talks thought his thought process on various investigations is genuinely really interesting and anyone who is a people leader in their job should read this book and check out Comey’s view on leadership – he seems to have it nailed! The whole Clinton email investigation told from his perspective offers a different and very interesting insight into the whole saga from what was often portrayed in the media. Equally, the way he describes his interactions with Obama and his approach makes us reminisce for those days when Obama was still President!

What we didn’t like: To be honest, not much. In order to like this book, you should have a vague interest in American politics and the legal system otherwise this book probably isn’t for you! It’s also not a light read (right from the first chapter, there’s drama!) so it’s best to read on a commute rather than as a holiday or before bed read!