Make Up Monday!

At GTTG we love anything that helps us “get to our glow” so when L’Oréal released their new “Wake Up and Glow” range, we thought we had to give it a try!

We’re loving the La Vie en Glow highlighting palette – it’s super slim sleek packaging is very appealing and it fits nicely into your handbag for a quick on the go touch up. The shades blend well together to add a little extra “glow” to your face (go easy though if you’re pale so the colours don’t look too strong on your skin).

The only challenge with this set is the whole applying highlighter to your face milarky – it’s up there with the whole contouring thing for us – we love the idea of it but it’s not as easy as it looks in practice. There is, however, a helpful little picture on the back that literally shows you exactly where to put what which definitely makes it easier!

Happy highlighting!