Five of our favourite…Twitter accounts to follow – if you haven’t yet visited James Blunt’s twitter account then do it now! Demonstrating a fantastic sense of humour and someone who takes the mickey out of himself, Blunt’s responses to his tweets are hilarious! – fun, cute and with a load of celebrity photos from The Ellen Show – what more could you want?! – ah Ryan Reynolds – King of the sarcastic tweet! This twitter account is a joy to behold – not taking life too seriously, we love it! – yes, the NASA twitter account as a choice may be a bit random you might say but hey it doesn’t hurt to expand your mind a bit and keep up with what’s happening in the wonderful and innovative world of space travel! Plus it’s great for random conversation starters – you’ll definitely impress people if you drop into conversation about the recent discovery of 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter! – a lot of random thoughts but very entertaining – get involved in the conversations!