What we’re currently reading…

Sticking with the American politics theme, we’re currently reading:

The President is Missing  – written by former US President Bill Clinton and renowned authorJames Patterson, this is a fictional thriller centering around a large enemy threat looming over America and the President (as you would expect from the title!) goes missing. Set in real-time, this has the potential to be a suspenseful page turner!

And, staying with a similar subject, we are also reading:

When they Go Low, We Go High: Speeches That Shaped The World – And Why We Need Them – by Philip Collins, this book is a compilation of twenty-five of the most well-known speeches in history. Including speeches from Churchill, JFK, Obama and Mandela alongside others, Collins also analyses the speeches. This book promises to be thought provoking and give some interesting insights and opportunity for dinner party conversation starters!

GTTG book reviews on these books will follow – look out for them soon!