GTTG film review: I Feel Pretty

Our review rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥
Plot summary:  Amy Schumer stars as a woman who struggles with in securities about the way she looks, but following a fall where she its her head, she then sees herself as a really beautiful woman which gives her a whole new lease on life and a massive confidence boost.

What we liked: Amy Schumer has great comedic timing and you really warm to her onscreen and find yourself willing her to succeed. Her love interest, played by Rory Scovel, is an appealing character and Michelle Williams is just fabulous as Avery LeClaire. The movie has some funny moments (we loved the Soul Cycle scenes!) and ultimately has a nice, heartwarming ending so it’s a good movie to watch with your girlfriends.

What we didn’t like: Well, depending on how you look at this film, you could see it as being a bit shallow in places and wondering whether it sends the right message to women struggling with insecurities. There are very mixed reviews on this film! We got where it was coming from and ultimately thought it was quite uplifting but at times it treads a fine line. In a way, it does borrow some plotline material from Shallow Hal but we can forgive that! Ultimately it’s best with this movie to not take it too seriously and just enjoy the characters and fun moments!