Three tips on how to gain respect from senior business managers

If you work in an office then you may well have people more senior than you who you need to interact with. It’s not always easy working with people who are more senior than you – they can be intimidating in terms of the experience they have/position they hold and frankly it can be a bit nervewracking trying to impress them! Here are three of our top tips for making a good impression and gaining respect from senior business managers:

  1. Don’t just be a “yes” person. When dealing with senior people, there can be the tendency to bend over backwards to do what they want, whether you agree with it or not. If you always say “yes” and do exactly what you are asked to do then the people you are dealing with are never going to see you as anything more than that. Now we’re not suggesting that you start arguing with your boss/senior client, however there is a way you can make more of an impact. Imagine a manager has asked you to prepare a certain report, why not prepare the report but suggest an extra element is added or it’s presented in a different format. Or, if you are in a group discussion, make sure you give your opinion, even if it may not be the same as other people’s. As long as you have a sensible reason for why you are saying what you are saying and you are being professional then you have as much right to speak as anyone else!
  2. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your expertise – at the end of the day, you were hired into the company for a reason. Even if you are junior in terms of the hierarchy, you still have something to offer – a different perspective, different skillset etc. You will know things that even the big boss doesn’t so don’t be scared to show that!
  3. Be professional but remember they are a person! Being professional in your communication style at work, no matter who you are dealing with is always important, but don’t go over the top. Remember that the person you are dealing with is a person too – they have a family friends, go to parties, on holiday etc! They also go to the toilet…! So be yourself and show your personality and don’t be scared of them!