GTTG Book Review: ‘The President is Missing’

Our review rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥

Plot summary: Witten by former US President Bill Clinton and renowned author James Patterson, this is a fictional thriller centering around a large enemy threat looming over America and the President (as you would expect from the title!) goes missing to try and stop it.

What we liked: Told mostly in the first person from the fictional President’s perspective, it’s interesting to follow his thought process as he faces the biggest challenge of his career while a big threat looms over America. It’s got some good twists and turns and is a real page turner – you don’t know who the “baddie” is until the end. The threat itself (cyber security) is very topical in the 21st century and it’s good to see a story that has been done many times before in different guises being told in a fresh way.

What we didn’t like: At the very end, the book does turn a bit schmaltzy (we could have done without the President’s speech which closes the book) but other than that it’s a good read!