Haircare worth a share!

We love anything that makes our hair feel and look soft, shiny and in good condition and these three things are top of our list at the moment for ticking those boxes!

Mason Pearson hairbrush – if you are yet to try using a Mason Pearson hairbrush then trust us you are missing out! These brushes aren’t cheap but they are a real investment and if you look after your hairbrush it will last you for years. Use the guide on the Mason Pearson site to identify which is the right brush for your hair length and type. First created in England back in the late 1800s, these hairbrushes have a long history behind tham and have become so famous for a reason! Just try brushing your hair with a cheap brush and then a Mason Pearson hairbrush to notice the difference straight away! Tip: make sure you keep your brush nice and clean (only use the suggested products) to keep it in tip-top condition.

MOR marshmallow moisturising conditioner – firstly, this smells fantastic, but apart from that, this sulphate free conditioner adds moisture to your hair and makes your scalp feel less dry too without breaking the bank. Plus, it comes in really pretty packaging so looks nice on your bathroom shelf!

L’Oreal Nutrifier Conditioner – with glycerol and coconut oil, the Nutrifier range from L’Oreal is a treat for your hair, particularly if it’s a bit dry. The conditioner is our favourite – it really makes our hair feel nourished and moisturised.