GTTG book review: ‘The Sunday Girl’

Warning – spoilers!!

Our review rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥

Plot summary: The story, told in the first person, tells of the break up between Taylor Bishop and Angus Hollingsworth. Following a bad break up and her ex posting a sex tape on the internet, Taylor is set to get her revenge and makes a plan – what ensues is beyond anything she expected.

What we liked: This thriller is a page turner and keeps you guessing until the end. it’s well written and a great debut from author Pip Drsydale. We like how it is told in the first person and allows you to follow Taylor’s thought process and really get inside her head and emotions as she sets out on her plan. her pain and embarrassment feels very real and anyone who’s had a break up will feel sympathy towards her. It’s pitched as “The Girl On The Train” “Before I Go To Sleep” with a dash of “Bridget Jones” and it’s easy to see why. If you liked these books then chances are you’ll really enjoy this book.

What we didn’t like: Well it’s very intense! If you’re feeling down after a break up yourself then we wouldn’t recommend this book and definitely don’t take any of Taylor’s ideas as being good ones to act out yourself! It’s definitely not a light-hearted read so pick your timing! We also couldn’t quite understand how they initially grew to hate each other so much – Angus’ plan to derail Taylor started way before they broke up – is he just a complete psychopath? That part never really felt truly explained. In addition, if we’re being picky, how realistic is it that Taylor would get away with all the things she does – it’s not like she is a criminal mastermind!