Five tips to help keep yourself motivated when work is really quiet…

We all know what it’s like at work – sometimes it’s really busy, so busy you find you barely have time to eat lunch and drink any water let alone get your big “to do” list done. You find yourself longing for it to be quiet so you can relax a bit and destress and have time to properly do a good job…and then before you know it, you go through a quiet period at work and you’re so bored you’re longing for the busy times again! Sometimes there’s just no happy medium. It can be really hard to stay motivated and driven at work when it’s really quiet – the days seem to stretch endlessly ahead of you and you find yourself clock watching big time. Here are our top five tips for how to stay motivated when you’re going through a quiet phase at work:

  1. Keep the big picture in mind and remember the quiet time won’t be forever – unless you are in a company going out of business (and don’t worry if you are as there we have plenty of positive steps to take in that situation coming soon in a post!) then if you’re going through a quiet phase it is unlikely to last long. So embrace the time and make the most of it – take your full lunch break and get outside for a walk or go do a workout, leave work on time and get home to spend time with your family and friends, let your mind destress and unwind a little – it’s a good time to recharge!
  2. Do some brainstorming and get focused – having some quiet time at work is a great opportunity to get stuck into those projects you have been meaning to do for ages and kept saying “when it gets quite. I’ll get onto that” – well that time has come so get brainstorming on what you can do above and beyond your day to day!
  3. Hold yourself accountable – when you work out how you going to keep yourself busy with projects/value adds/reports etc, make sure you actually commit to them and achieve the result you wanted to – the best way to do that? Tell your manager and your colleagues what you are working on and set yourself deadlines that you tell everyone about. This way, you’ll be forced to actually deliver and not put the work off!
  4. Learn something new – when you’re quiet at work it’s a great opportunity to get beyond your day to day role and take the opportunity to expand your skillset. Maybe there’s a course you’d like to do or some cross-training you can do with a colleague – perhaps you can do some work shadowing or practice a task that you have struggled with in the past? Learning something new is great for your brain and your engagement!
  5. Win some brownie points – take the opportunity to offer help to others who are still busy – it’ll make you feel good and win you brownie points with your colleagues and your manager!