Is it time to rethink your friendship groups?

In these days where your social media presence and number of friends and followers you have is a big thing, you can end up with having lots of “friends”, but how much have you thought about your friendship group and whether they are actually true friends?

As you get older, priorities change, life changes, what’s important to you changes and as you and the people around you evolve, perhaps you’re finding that you no longer have as much in common with your friends as you thought you did.

As with relationships, you want to surround yourselves with friends that really matter most, the people that you know you can count on whatever and that, most importantly, add to your life and don’t detract from it. Think about who is in your friendship group at the moment and what they add to your life – who could you really count on if you had a problem? Who would you trust? Who would you call if you had a bad day to make you feel better?

We’re not suggesting that you suddenly stop speaking to people who you enjoy hanging out with! But, maybe it’s time to rethink how you think about your friendship group…maybe you have a group of friends who love going out and if you’re up for doing some light-hearted socialising they are the best people for that? Maybe you have one or two friends you have known for a long time and even if you haven’t spoken with them in a while you know you could always call them and it would be the same as always and as if you had never stopped speaking. Maybe you have some friends who are all about the “tough love” and some who are all about the support. We all have different people in our lives and it’s great to have people that bring different things to you and your life – but are you investing the right time and energy in those friendship groups?

As the saying goes, “people come into our life for a reason, season or a lifetime” – are you investing the time you could be in those lifetime friendships or are you focussing too much on the seasonal ones? Friendships are a massive part of our lives and play a key role in “getting you to your glow” – why not get on the phone today and arrange a catch up with your best friends? 🙂